Cute Heart Tattoo Designs

   Women admire cute heart tattoos. It often happens so that they choose this tattoo design when they want to get their first tattoo. If you are willing to learn more about these popular and attractive tattoo designs, this article is for you.

    It is common knowledge that women adore cute, pretty things. The art of tattooing cannot be unaffected by them. The most popular and favorite tattoos are those which represent butterflies and flowers. But the list would be incomplete without mentioning cute heart tattoos. They are quite a hit with the women who think that such tattoo designs are very good to experiment with, especially if they are small. It’s quite natural as tattoos are put on the body permanently. This article will give you some information concerning small heart tattoos. People often associate the heart symbol with Sailor Jerry and his old school flash tattooing.


Cute Heart Tattoo Meanings

  The heart as a symbol means a lot, though the most general meaning is being in love, of course. A lot of couples want to get heart tattoos matching each other, their desire being to disclose their true love for one another. The lovers’ names may also be put in the pattern.

   But love is not the only meaning implied by heart tattoo designs. They are associated with some other meanings too. Thus, the heart symbol often represents the soul. It is because of the people’s belief that the human soul is there. For this very reason some religions attach mystical importance to the heart. Let’s take Christians, for example. For them the seat of emotions is the heart. The Muslims consider the heart to be the spiritual center of the body. According to Egyptian mythology the hearts of the dead people were weighed against the truth (Goddess of Truth).


Cute Heart Tattoo Designs

   Being a universal and rather a powerful symbol, these designs still allow a lot of changes. They have become many-sided and more versatile by now. There exist a lot of possibilities for making changes in them and at the same time preserving a unique tattoo design.

   So, what are those patterns which are used to create heart tattoos?


Tribal Heart

   It is simple, but cute, in black lines and without any names in it. If simplicity is the very thing you like, the tribal tattoo is the right design for you. The designs of this type are out of time. They always look classy. If you decide on this design, you will have to choose from a great variety of them. There are some tribal tattoo designs for women.


Sacred Heart

   For religious and spiritually inclined people there is some choice too. It is the sacred heart tattoo. The heart in this tattoo design is painted as a flaming heart with thorns around it. This heart symbolizes the Jesus Christ’s heart and His love for humanity. The person wearing this tattoo expresses his devotion to Christ.


Pierced Heart

  It is a great idea for a Valentine type tattoo. The heart in this design is pierced by an arrow, which means romantic love. The god of love Cupid, or Cherub, shoots at people and makes them fall in love.


Rose Heart

   Since designs with the heart usually imply love and romance, it is quite natural to combine them with roses that are also known to be symbols of ever-lasting love.


Heart and Lock

   This type of design is also good for a Valentine tattoo. It stands for eternal love. You can have it together with your partner. One of you will get the heart lock while the other will get the key.


Broken Heart Tattoo Design

   Unfortunately, not everybody is successful in such important matter as love. Some people go through difficult periods in their lives when their heart is broken because they have lost the person they love. The reasons for the loss can be different; however, the wound hurts. The people are in the mood of choosing a broken heart tattoo design then.


Heart and Dagger

   There is one more tattoo design which implies the same meaning as a broken heart tattoo. The design not only expresses the lost love, but the main idea is that the love was a betrayal. Different words are inscribed in the heart besides the daggers. More often people use the word 'courage'.

   Are you going to get a cute heart tattoo design? Don’t forget that it will be a permanent mark on your body, so choose a pattern that will be important and attractive for you. It is not difficult to do it now, when you know what different designs mean.

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