Heart Tattoos’ Meanings

   As you know, angel tattoo is very popular with teens and grown-ups too.  So, besides angel tattoo design, the heart tattoo design is one of the most popular designs in the whole world. There is a number of different meanings which the heart tattoo means.

   During human history, the heart has been meaning lots of ideas. So, at Ancient Egypt a symbol of heart was a symbol of truth.

   In Greece people considered that all the feeling, emotions were focused in the heart rather than in the brain. Nowadays, we all may say without any difficulties that brain is responsible for emotions and feeling, brain is a center of all our thoughts, but despite of that we give something role of production feelings of love to our heart.

   Today, people from over the world get different heart tattoos of numerous designs. Each person choses his special design which connected with his moments of past time or with his present time or just with his life in general.

   The main designs of heart tattoos which you can see in the streets, at school, work are following.

   The tattoo which represents a dagger in the heart is obvious symbol of betrayal or understanding. Tattoo with going-through-heart dagger is often represented on bodies of people. Conclusion is in peoples’ cruelty. Not all the people are able to be kind and helpful.

   The next design is “Two Broken Parts of Heart”. This one has a very interesting meaning. I should say that this design is one of the most popular designs. The main feature of this design is a following thing. It’s usually happens when couples that are being apart during long time, miss each other.    So, each get a half-heart tattoo and when these couple reunites, two halves of broken heart are transform into one heart again.

   «The Mom Heart». This one has fame with bikers and prisoners across the world. This variant of heart expresses love to your Mom. It’s very sensible and person, who wears it, has really big heart and kind soul.

   The next is “The pierced arrow”. This type of heart design expresses directed energy of person. This heart is pierced with Cupid’s sting of love.

   So, finally I’d like to say about anatomical heart tattoo. This type is modern kind of heart tattoos at all. So, it most approached to the real image of heart. These kinds of images are popular with people, who were recently healed from heart disease.

   So, you can choose your own type of heart design which you desire. It depends only on your life and your own preferences. You  need to know that you can create your new symbolism and people will see a part of your life, it can be helpful feature of yours which can help to make friends. But I don’t force you to get this tattoo; I have just spoken out the useful information which can be interesting for you. Relationships with other people are always more useful, rather than tattoos…

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