Heart tattoos

Heart tattoos are strongly popular among different people from all countries. All these hearts look like pretty symbols of love, romantic mood, lyrical friendship and unity. Of course, every person has own opinion about what each tattoo with heart probably means. Sometimes people make tattoos with heart mixed with different attributes, so here are many opportunities of making the tattoo inimitable and unique, touching or serious, sad or cheerful. Classical form can also be easily interpreted by different ways. 


Some history of Heart tattoos

 Tattoos with hearts appeared at the early beginning of XX century. Firstly they were made by men which were leaving home and went faraway to other countries. Mostly these tattoos were popular among soldiers and sailors who fighted in the World War II. Sailors who adored their mothers preferred red hearts with the word «mom» write in the middle of tattoo. What about soldiers, they tattooed hearts with the names of their girlfriends or wives on the bodies.     


Design varieties of Heart tattoos

 People know lots of possibilities to make tattoos with hearts unique and unrepeatable. Sometimes hearts looks alike but still every design project has its own features and differences which make every person strongly individual.   


Heavenly hearts

 Heavenly or sacred hearts have lots of different varieties. But the classical variant of this tattoo includes thorns surrounding the image. More than that, usually sacred hearts have a flame burning in the top. According to some religious aspects this symbol can also mean the sympathy for Jesus Christ and holy broken heart. From this interest point of view persons who have tattoos with sacred heart obviously compare these images with the incarnation of His pervasive love.  


Pent hearts

 Many persons prefer to have tattoos with locked hearts. These are the most universal types of images that suit equally to all persons. Some couples use such design to show their strong relationship and trueness, that's why one person make tattoo with the locked heart and another one — with the key unlocking the heart. But there is one more aspect which makes hearts with keys very popular among young partners — comparing with tattoos containing the names of each other the heart with a key is much more successful way of exchanging by declarations of love. Unfortunately some couples end their relationship, so tattoos with names become out of date.    


Tribal hearts

 This variety redirects to high antiquity when all people could make only black images on their bodies. Suchlike hearts are made by using a number of black lines forming the image. Besides decorative function tribal hearts have another one — they mean love like all others. There are many versions how to make the tribal tattoo, so each person chooses the most pleasant variant.


Hearts pierced by arrows

 This tattoo has many different values. It can be a tragic symbol of a real broken heart or confirmation of hurting love. By the way hearts can be pierced not only by arrows, someone use a nail or a knife or something else. Extra original persons like to make tattoos with hearts pierced by spears or even spoons. This variation of tattoo is also general and common for males and females. However, it’s not every time tragic – for example it can mean that the person is falling in pretty love with somebody after Cupid’s arrow pierced his or her heart.         


Hearts with wings

 There is a couple of ways to explain what winged tattoos actually mean. Some people consider that this symbol represents their freedom with no problems, lighthearted spirit and good mood. Another like to think that after the end of love heart can get wings and fly away, so the wearer just wants to be along. 


Hearts similar to the real

 Realistic tattoos became strongly popular some years ago. A standard realistic heart looks such as real part of human body. The shape of such a heart also seems to be real. Realistic tattoo includes veins and arteries being around it. But honestly it doesn’t represent something special, so there is no different between symbolical meaning of realistic heart design and anyone else.        

 Before making the decision about getting a heart-shaped tattoo you should firstly decide what you try to represent by this symbol. There are many attributes you can add to your individual heart-shaped image, take some time and think what you prefer to see on the hand for example. Than remember that tattoo removal is very hard and unpleasant, so choose it thoroughly!  

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